Know Your Shareholder Base

In-between 13F filings, gain an increased knowledge of your shareholder composition through real-time analysis of both equity and options settlement at the DTC level and uncover the insight needed to drive your strategy.

Identify Activist Investors

Partner with a dedicated surveillance analyst to monitor trading activity and identify your top holders. Rapidly identify activist investors and build a strategy to drive your management's response.

Deliver Strategic Value

Build a better, insights-driven approach to your investor relations workflow with board reporting assets customized to your C-suite, weekly settlement analysis to remain up-to-date on trends, as well as deeper trading insights into you and peers.

Be informed in real-time, with Q4 Surveillance.

Predict Investor Behavior.

Backed by a team of the industry's most experienced analysts, you will gain access to real-time insights into who, and what, is driving your stock price. With Q4 Surveillance, we can provide robust analysis and a deeper understanding of public shareholder composition, market trends, and potential activism.

Intra-Quarter Settlement Analysis 

Trading Analytics

Activism Monitoring

Shareholder Deep Dives

Custom Board Reporting


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