How AMD Uses Technology to Understand Their Shareholder Base and Engage Investors.

Hear from Ruth Cotter, SVP of marketing, HR, and Investor Relations at AMD, as she shares how the company uses innovative technologies to better understand their shareholder base, uncover valuable market insights, and engage with their investors. By partnering with Q4, the team at AMD is able to bring multiple data sources together and distill the information into a very digestible format that can be shared with management. 

In this video case study learn how AMD:

Gained invaluable visibility into their stock movements and the overall market

Proactively and effectively communicated timely intelligence to support planning

Leveraged key insights to prioritize time and resources toward high-value shareholders

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By bringing in multiple data sources across the board, and distilling those down into very digestible information that can be relayed back to management is something that makes our lives incredibly more simplified at AMD and we really value that.

Ruth Cotter

SVP of marketing, HR, and Investor Relations, AMD