Novocure Uses Data to Effectively Identify, Engage, and Communicate with Target Investors.

Hear from Gabrielle Fernandes, Associate Director, Investor Relations at Novocure, to learn how her team leverages Q4 to evolve Novocure’s messaging in a way that resonates with existing shareholders and prospective ones. This includes using reporting and analytics to gain better insights into their investor base.

In this video case study learn how Novocure:

Efficiently identifies and targets specific types of shareholders

Measure the impact of every investor interaction and against objectives

Has a better understanding of investor dialogue and how it can inform messaging

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Today, with the support of Q4, we definitely have better insight into our investor base, and we're also able to do more with how we understand the investor dialogue that we have, and how we can use that to inform our messaging over time.

Gabrielle Fernandes

Associate Director, Investor Relations, Novocure