Etsy's Unique IR Website is Designed to Scale With its Investor Community.

Etsy had grown from a small-cap to mid-cap company in a short time span and felt the IR website didn’t effectively reflect this momentum or the Etsy brand, particularly as the company was beginning to see exponentially greater coverage and investor attention. Download the case study to learn how Q4 and Etsy partnered to create a website that delivered on their IR goals. 

In this case study learn how Etsy:

Created a destination for their investor community

Clearly communicating Etsy’s unique narrative

Built a robust section dedicated Impact Reporting

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Our IR website serves as a great first line of response where investors can solve many of their basic information requirements quickly and easily, while at the same time telling a rich narrative about our business and future growth.

Deb Wasser

Vice President of Investor Relations, Etsy